For the first time I’ll try to keep a blog.

Talking about me and maybe getting to know me better, Over Land and Sea because I spent a lot of my life travelling and I’ll spend there many more days.

I think often about how many people crossed my path sharing experiences and life.
This Blog wants to be a little memory of all these people and the ones who will come in  the future, to those who left me something and to those who passed unnoticed.
To all my friends , those who accept me without judging, those who understand and those “who cares?”….who is  proud of our flag and share with me long Sunday travels to defend a faith….a faith for many but not for all.
Life is just one and I want to live it at the top…..down-to-earth but with a bag full of dreams.
I’ll try to tell you my experiences and share my emotions…..if you want follow me Over Land and Sea.

Some tips:

My name’s Andrea I was born in Genova Italy on 19th june 1974; I moved to Barcelona Spain on 21st march 2007 .

I achieved a degree in Economy and I started working soon:

December 1998 – May 2000 – Iperliguria S.c.a.r.l. – Sales (Genova – Italy)

June 200 – January 2002 – Unionfotomarket SpA – Sales (Genova – Italy)

January 2002 – November 2002 – Nuova Rade SpA – Sales Manager Italy (Genova – Italy)

November 2002 – January 2005 – F.lli Salviato & C. S.n.c. – Area Manager (Genova – Italy)

February 2005 – March 2007 – Easy Job S.r.l. – Sales Manager and Key Account (Genova – Italy)

May 2007 – December 2007 – Atlas Servicios Empresariales – Branch Manager (Barcelona – Spain)

January 2008 – December 2008 – Olympia Empleo ETT S.L.U. – National Account Manager (Barcelona – Spain)

January 2010 – Febraury 2011 – Top Perfil S.L. – Sales Manager (Barcelona – Spain)

February 2011  – March 2012 – USG People – Unique Interim ETT S.A.U. – Sales Spercialis and Recruiter Finance (Barcelona – Spain)

March 2012 – Present – USG People – Unique Online – Operational Sales Manager