Byron Burgers


Simple to craft, difficult to master, a perfectly proportioned burger is still a thing of beauty to behold. Which may go some way to explaining why there are now 22 branches of Byron in central London alone, despite only being founded by fast food devotee Tom Byng in 2007. The venues vary hugely in style depending on the spaces they inhabit, from an elegant transformation of a pub in Rathbone Place to a bold, booth-heavy new site near Waterloo. Although largely sticking to a stark, six-choice menu, during its five years in the capital Byron has also experimented with limited-edition offerings, with varying results. A mayonnaise-heavy “Royale with cheese” didn’t live up to its Tarantino moniker but the Movember-funding, welsh rarebit-influenced “Gizz-Mo” collaboration was hugely successful. Byron has also tinkered with its drinks menu as well (including ditching Sierra Nevada pale ale for a more local Camden offering) and has even ventured out to festivals in a custom-built Shack (saving hungry gig-goers from a fate worse than falafel). Throughout London, more and more people are being given the choice of having a better burger. In the same way that Nando’s gave everyone a classier alternative to the colonel’s bucket, so Byron ensures you’ll never again have to settle for Ronald’s offcuts or Burger King’s latest attempt to corner the kebab market by selling lamb flatbreads. for one has high hopes for Byron’s new monachy-friendly Jubilee burger, which consists of single pattie topped with green chillis, cheese and chipotle mayo in a glazed bun. Whether it will reign supreme remains to be seen but we know what comfort food we’ll be sticking to in 2012: a medium-rare flagship Byron, a Kernal IPA and some mustard-laced courgette fries.


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