Virgil’s BBQ NYC

The other restaurant I recommend in New York is Virgil’s BBQ. In the spring of 1993, Artie Cutler’s restaurant empire was booming. After the tremendous success of the first two Carmine’s Italian Family Style Restaurants, in Times Square and on the Upper West Side, Artie was researching a new concept. He wanted to open an authentic barbecue restaurant in the heart of Times Square. He soon found the right location at 152 West 44th Street and, with his management team, set out on a journey through the back roads of Tennessee, Kentucky, the Carolinas, Missouri, and Texas, sampling the best regional barbecue they could find: the product had to be of top quality and had to offer the kind of great value that had become the core value of Alicart Restaurant Group. Two genuine Southern Pride smokers were installed (each holding a capacity of 1400 pounds of Memphis pork spare ribs, Texas sliced beef brisket, whole barbecued chickens, and Carolina pulled pork shoulder), recipes were tested and refined, and with the unique barbecue roadhouse design of Peter Nemitz, Virgil’s opened in April of 1994. Virgil’s, while being the original New York City barbecue restaurant, has evolved over the years and has become known for much more than just its warm service and exceptional barbecued ribs, chicken, brisket, and pork. Its large menu features a wide array of culinary styles, from Mexican Cuisine, Creole and Cajun, to Soul and Comfort food. There are fish specials every day, and even a vegetarian guest can find a number of tantalizing salads and grilled items to choose from. An in-house bakery produces hot buttermilk biscuits, cornbread, and dessert specialties that are a perfect way to end the meal. A lively bar with extensive beer and specialty cocktail menus, including frozen fruit cocktails of the day, is a fun place to gather and watch live sporting events on numerous large high definition TVs. My recommendation is T-bone Steak!!!


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